One way to know when we are in an abusive relationship is when we have no friends. It’s not normal. Regardless of our social preferences, it’s not normal to have no friends. As soon as I began to get out of the house, working for Weight Watchers, I noticed that people liked me! Wow. We […]



The main reason that people stay in abusive relationships is that they don’t believe that they can get out.  That is a lie.  You can get out.  I got to the point that I really didn’t care if I had to sleep under a bridge, I was not staying.  I read that sometimes we wait […]

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I love physics. I am a total geek and proud of it but I am also a fitness freak in pursuit of radical self care and divine health and well-being. I will accept nothing less in myself. I realized today that my Journey towards self-actualization is requiring me to take some important steps towards my […]



I don’t have time to write today, however… I know somehow, that this is critical for someone today.  It will always be a critical issue, but I know that today you have a decision that will affect the rest of your life in a very important way.  I just know.   We surround ourselves with people […]


Speed of Light

The most useful tool to overcoming abuse is a well-tuned, sleek, strong, confident body…really.  A high functioning body gives us the confidence to stand up to the abuser, sit down on the whole damn situation, walk away, defend ourselves and press on through the thick of things without DYING.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  It’s […]

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If we know the way but fail to utilize it, we are still victims.  I know how to deal with bullies, believe me, however I have allowed a measure of bullying from my adult son.  Nothing serious, mind you, but bullying none-the-less.  So, exactly what the hell does that mean?  Does it mean that only […]

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