Yesterday was rough. Today isn’t peachy. “Life’s a bitch and then you die.”, somebody once said.  I don’t know.  Sometimes the difference can be who we surround ourselves with.  Yesterday and this morning have been the very worst days of my life, and believe me, that’s saying a lot but… I have friends.  You know that you have a friend when they are honest with you and do their best to get you through when a comfortable lie would serve them better.  You know that you have somehow, with all your disastrous mistakes  chosen these people well when they say the same things and they don’t even know each other.  You know that you have chosen well when you can look at their input and know that it makes sense in a way that you are unable to ferret out because you are a basket case.  You know that you have chosen well when they check on you or say “Call me later.”  You know that you have chosen well when you have dried the tears and gasped for breathe and stood up from your bent double stance and you are grateful for their tough love.  You know that you have chosen well when you absolutely must admit that their advice and stance on the issue at hand truly is what’s best. You know that you have chosen well when, no matter how much their words sting and burn, that your heart is filled to overflowing with profound love and respect for the person that they are.  You know that you have chosen very well when their care and concern is warm and genuine no matter what potentially devastating truth they must deliver.


You know that you have chosen well when you pray for guidance and you are contacted by your friends who are wise and good in heart.


Where we mess up sometimes is we don’t heed the words of these wise and wonderful people that God has given us. (Yes, God… It’s my blog.  If you don’t like that go elsewhere.)


I had choices to make today.  Some were big choices… life and death choices, possibly.  My heart was so broken that I could not think.  Friends to the rescue, tried and true people chosen for their Wisdom and camaraderie, chosen because they make me feel good. DUH.  They make me feel good, like that’s their job, right? Friends.  I mean, that’s what they do, so why in the Hell do we not listen and heed their Wisdom when we need it the most?!?  If we have chosen wisely, when we are broken, they can fix us.  The key is choosing wisely.  If we love them, we will want to be fixed.  Think about how much it would hurt them to see you crash and burn.  Regardless of the situation, if you have shared a smile or a hug or a lifetime and that bond is there, your demise will hurt them.  So, suck it up, Buttercup.  Do it for them. Get your stuff together. Get your game face on and RISE, dammit, RISE from the ashes.  Soar through the night like a glittering dragon, rising to new heights, free falling in the wind.  They will soar with you. We’re surrounded.

4 thoughts on “WE’RE SURROUNDED

  1. Hi Brenda. All blogs are written very nicely. You have poured out your heart through writing. Even I do the same, whenever I am off mood, I take my diary and start writing, it relieves all worries and stress. Also, self-confidence and your perspective towards life make a great difference.

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