Do you ever think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? Ever feel overwhelmed by your decisions, like…”Oh God, what the Hell was I thinking?!?!?”

Gotta tell you, those are your best decisions, most likely. It means that you have dared to live your dream, your heart’s desire. It means that you have, most likely, left all conventional, safe thinking far behind and you’re running with the Big Dogs, whoever you perceive the Big Dogs to be. My Big Dogs may not be, no, probably aren’t your Big Dogs. What you value and what I value may be vastly different. But the common thread is , “Don’t. Quit.”. Ever since I was Sonata14 on Connect, that has been my mantra, my advice, my reason to continue.

Sometimes we find ourselves in extremely difficult circumstances, doing extremely hard things by our own hand. The thing is, unless we follow our hearts, it won’t be worth it. Life is hard. If we, however, do hard because it’s in our path to Glory, it’s just part of the Journey. There are mines and steel traps and tarantulas and rattlesnakes and lions and tigers and bears, {Oh, MY!) along the way. The question is, what will we do with them? War through them in a blaze of Glory, committed, knowing we are going through or wallowing in self-doubt? The decision is ours and it better be a good one.

If we become creative and original in thought, the lamest appearing decision can be turned into the best decision we ever make. Recently, I got out of an abusive relationship. It’s been hard in ways that are different from my old hard and these ways leave room for PEACE. There are people close to me who thought that I was insane. Shows what they know.

Do YOU. RISE to your own level of awesome.

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