WHO’S THE (L)oser?



One of the main ways that abusers keep their victims down is by insulting and belittling them, always inferring or just downright saying, or yelling, that you are stupid, lazy, sorry, dumb, ugly, useless, a burden, and inept, unable to do anything right.  Hmmm.. let’s examine this.


Are you the one who is so insecure that the only way that you can stand tall is to stand on somebody else?  Are you the one who spends countless hours trying to control somebody else instead of living, thereby giving ultimate control away to the person (s) that you are obsessed with controlling?  Are you the one who feels bad almost all the time because as a man thinks in his heart, so is he… ?  Are you the one who is so damn stupid that you miss a lot that is going on because you are obsessed with the details of controlling another human being? If your answer to any of these is “No.” then you are not the lazy, stupid, dumb, ugly useless burdensome or inept one, Baby. Your abuser, however, is all of those things because controlling someone is time consuming and leaves no time for real life thereby making the controlling personality a (L)oser! You won.


Now live like it! ;-*

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