Sometimes when we are victimized, whether it’s psychological or physical or both, we are left with the impression that we’re weak.  That’s exactly what The Enemy wants us to believe because, let’s face it, if we believe ourselves to be weak then we may believe ourselves to be vulnerable and then we may become afraid and that’s exactly what the demon possessed mind of an abuser wants, because then, we’re an easier, fearful, weak target and even if we’re never abused by this ogre again, he thinks he won.


There is a state of being known as “Fight or Flight” which I’m sure you all know about.  It’s where our body says “Hell, NO!”.  We become stronger than we’ve ever been.  We are able to lift things and run and think in a way that is usually impossible. Now what I want you to understand is simply this.  It’s in there.  When we think we’ve gone as far as we can, guess what, we haven’t.  When we think we can’t go on, we can.  When we think we are helpless, we are not.  When we think there’s nothing we can do about it, there is.  We can get up after all that crap, dust ourselves off, put one foot in front of the other and move on out.  The human mind and body are much more resilient than we can imagine.  We have all kinds of biochemical coping mechanisms that will come to our rescue if we will allow them to do their jobs.  Our part is to practice good health habits, keep the machinery up and running and let the Maintenance guys do their work.


When I have allowed myself to get overweight and paunchy in the past all Hell broke loose in my mind.  If I allowed myself to become physically unhealthy my mind would follow.  There is no way to separate our mind and body.  I follow http://davidsway.blog religiously and eat a high protein, low carb diet coupled with intermittent fasting and weight training to keep myself mentally strong as well as physically strong.  We really are what we eat so if we want strength and peace, we need to feed our bodies those things.  Surround yourself with good thoughts, good people, good times and get in touch with your inner strength and just see if you can feel the power.


Quite often our problem is with perception.  The glass half full or half empty question is a very important question.  If we know that we are not completely full but choose to dwell on the missing part, we will feel weak.  If we know that we’re not full and choose to dwell on the part that we do have, we will be in touch with The Power.  The Life Force is real.  It is strong. There is a Greek word for it, dunamis. “Dynamite” is taken from that word. If we are breathing, “It’s In There”.  Don’t EVER let The Enemy tell you anything different.  The Enemy is afraid of you if you know that you contain this explosive power in the very cells of your body, much less in your mind.  I had a couple of courses in college where we studied mitochondria.  Wow. They are the powerhouses of our body.  Massive energy is exchanged there on a level that generates a life force that is unimaginable.  Believe me.  You’re like a famous bottled spaghetti sauce.  It’s in there.  Reach for it.  Rise, Dynamite, RISE!  You have a new nickname. ;-*

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