If we know the way but fail to utilize it, we are still victims.  I know how to deal with bullies, believe me, however I have allowed a measure of bullying from my adult son.  Nothing serious, mind you, but bullying none-the-less.  So, exactly what the hell does that mean?  Does it mean that only certain people can bully me?  Does it mean that I will make exceptions for exceptional people?  Does it mean that I’m tough enough to tolerate a little?  Does it mean that it’s too much trouble to fix?  I mean, what does it mean?  I think that we get so tough that sometimes we allow a measure when there should be zero tolerance.


I have rationalized that he has difficulties that everyone doesn’t have.  I have excused many behaviors as being on the autistic spectrum.  I have chosen to just “let it go, it’s really not a big deal”.  Guess what?  It’s a BIG DEAL.  No more.  I set it straight today.  In an effort to avoid eviction due to borderline behaviors, I just broke bad.  Yep.  I really broke bad.  I made the simple statement that due to his obesity that as long as he lived with me, he will live like I live.  I live #davidsway from .  It works for me.  It regenerated my life, body first and then my mind.  It’s based on good nutrition.  Once we nourish our bodies properly, everything else seems to fall into place.


I laid down a few other simple rules.  He will keep the yard neat.  He will NOT strike me at any time, in any manner, for any reason.  These things are non-negotiable.  My presentation of these stipulations was different, very authoritative but completely lacking in the emotions so often seen in mothers.  If we are unwilling to tolerate abuse from others why would we tolerate it from our children and by doing so, teach them to be ogres?  That ship has freakin’ sailed, Baby.  I will not train up an abuser.  I have a little time left to correct what is partially an upbringing problem and I will correct my course and in so doing, I will correct his.


I know that this is a common problem in today’s society.  We have raised a generation of “Snowflakes”, (Thank you, David ;-*) by over-protecting them and catering to their every need and desire.  You can change this.  Begin with nutrition.  If our brains aren’t properly fueled they “ain’t workin'” right. My son has been addicted to sugar that I brought into this house, just for him, because he wanted it.  That’s also over.  There will be NO MORE refined sugar based products brought into my house.  Sugar acts like a drug in our brains.  Why in the world would we give drugs to an already aggressive, belligerent individual?  It makes no sense.  Our culture is permeated with the “mindset” that a little sugar is fine.  Really? Is a little cocaine fine?  How about speed?  I don’t think so.  Either way, it’s over here.  I cannot press beyond this point in fixing my own damn life if I continue to bring a drug like substance into my home and give it to a big, cranky man who just wants his way.  I will keep you posted.


A lesson to be learned here.  Knowledge won’t help if we don’t utilize it.  I have been sugar-free for a long time because it makes me fat and crazy.  DUH.  I gave it to my son… DUH.


What did I expect?


Live up to the knowledge that you have.  Do what you know to be right. “If we know what is right and don’t do it, we are in error.” (Thank you, James)

Don’t let your wisdom go to waste… RISE to the task at hand.  ;-* ;-* ;-*

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