Speed of Light

The most useful tool to overcoming abuse is a well-tuned, sleek, strong, confident body…really.  A high functioning body gives us the confidence to stand up to the abuser, sit down on the whole damn situation, walk away, defend ourselves and press on through the thick of things without DYING.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  It’s critical.


I strictly adhere to #davidsway, a protocol set forth by the Author of http://davidsway.blog , David Yochim.  It requires total commitment and a focus on discipline.  He advocates a high- protein, low carb, sugar-free diet coupled with intermittent fasting and lifting and adequate nutrition and rest.  No, he didn’t create these ideas but he is very serious in his promotion of them.  It works for me like nothing else.  I have to log my nutrition and now I am logging my rest because if it’s not “written”, it didn’t happen.  David doesn’t require logging but I know that unless I do, I will not be accountable to myself and I will not continue to increase in health, wellness and strength.


I work with people much younger than me and they are beginning to ask me “what do you do?” because I’m very strong and lean.  This wasn’t the case just a few months ago.  Complete dedication to #davidsway has made a big change in my life.


Whatever way to fitness that you choose, I gotta tell you, do SOMETHING.  Get control of  what you put into your mouth and start considering what kind of life you want in your 50’s and beyond because you’re creating that life now.  If you are in your 50’s and beyond, jump in.  I’m 61.  Dedication and commitment and prioritizing can make a drastic difference at any age. Don’t wait until you are debilitated and then see if there’s something you can do to recover your health. Do it NOW.


When you become strong, you will become confident.  When you become confident, you will advance your objectives.  When you advance your objectives, you will RISE above the abuse and all the pain and manipulation.  Again, my iron was the first salvaged item from the tornado wreckage because I needed STRENGTH.  The iron was and is my priority.  I always need strength.  The iron is a standard measure of how well I’m taking care of this body that I must live in until I die and let’s face it, the iron absolutely does not lie (Henry Rollins).  It will always tell us exactly what we ask of it, “How am I doing?”


Get your rear in gear and commit to health, wellness and fitness. You will be formidable.  You will RISE! ;-*

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