I don’t have time to write today, however… I know somehow, that this is critical for someone today.  It will always be a critical issue, but I know that today you have a decision that will affect the rest of your life in a very important way.  I just know.


We surround ourselves with people that we think we enjoy.  Maybe at one time, for a brief moment, we did. All to often however, they become as deadly to us as any cancer known to man.  I challenge you today to have radical surgery.  Remove these toxic people from your lives, now.  You know exactly who they are.  Nobody has to point them out.  They always make you feel bad and you draw up in a knot when you think of them.  You dread seeing them or talking to them.  Nothing truly good comes from these relationships.  Quite often they are relatives so we don’t usually completely remove them from our lives.  In those cases, I have just given them a good dose of chemo and stalled them out.  They have no more power over me.  They may exist but their continual invasion into healthy territory is halted, forever.  I haven’t excised negative close blood relatives but they are ineffective.  Anyone that I am not blood related to who was negative is gone, out of my realm of consciousness.


By the same token, sometimes we isolate ourselves from positive people and influences which is a mistake.  Good people who live good lives that we truly want to emulate, NOT ENVY… are a wonderful tool for positive change.  Again, you know who these people are.  You judge a tree by it’s fruit, (Thank you, Word of God).  It’s that simple.  If they improve your life, they’re good.  There is nothing more rich and wonderful than a good, close friend that you can bare your soul to and he will still love you, BUT… will hold you to a high standard of living and refuse to allow you to be mediocre.  These people are rare treasures.  Hold them close.  Protect that bond.  Love them.  Nurture them.  Be there for them.  Their influence is priceless.


Again, I’m so rushed right now.  I will pick this up again at a later time but I know that it is important right now.


Find that one, or those ones, whose lives are like lightning and dynamite, always lighting the way and moving up and go together, my friends, and RISE! ;-*

2 thoughts on “COMRADE

  1. Brenda I look forward to being honored with a real chat with you sometime … I would like to know more about your life and agenda.. you write well. Seriously … and you seem to have more than only fitness goals in mind in writing a blog. …that is what I want to know more about


    1. Hi Joel, thank you! I’m a people person and I hate abusers. I enjoy giving people tools to take control of their lives because I tolerated a lifetime of various forms of abuse until recently. My only motive is to advance awareness that there is a way out. Quite often it seems impossible to escape an abuser. I want to build a fire under somebody and make them RISE!


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