I love physics. I am a total geek and proud of it but I am also a fitness freak in pursuit of radical self care and divine health and well-being. I will accept nothing less in myself.

I realized today that my Journey towards self-actualization is requiring me to take some important steps towards my Goal. My Goal is to prove, by using myself as a lab rat, that divine health and well-being and attractiveness are possible for 120 years. Yeah, pretty radical, but I have it on good authority that it is possible. I won’t preach to you here but just know this, these are concepts that are documented in the Bible. If you don’t agree, I will not engage in a theological battle here on my blog. I have studied this for years and if you disagree to the point of being offended, just move on. and, if you don’t acknowledge the Bible. well then, that shouldn’t be a problem for you. Just go with me. What have you got to lose? Self doubt? Self loathing? Maybe other issues that taking care of yourself could annihilate? We have MASSIVE curative power in our daily habits and that power is given to us in 24 hour segments therefore we are expected to keep this temple clean and tidy every 24 hours, not just on the weekends or when nobody brings donuts or we don’t have somebody who needs our help. Every 24 hours.

I began my journey towards divine health like a rocket, launching into the vast wonders of outer space. As I soared through the sparkling, brilliant light of the nuclear reactor that we call our Sun, I began to gain momentum. Debris that I once needed to stabilize me and fuel my growth began to hold me back. Those things began to fall away on a planned schedule, it seemed , just like they do when rockets launch. I longed for more. I dug deep and catapulted myself into another realm of fitness reality where the physical is only a part.

As I reached a first destination that at one time, seemed to be the ultimate destination, my Goal Weight, I barely paused. I had known for a long time that people are capable of so much more. We have a large part of the power of life and death right in our own hands and we refuse to wield it. We have the ability to extend or shorten our lives and we have control over a great part of the quality of the life that we live. This was nothing new. I began conversing with others who know this to be true and in so doing, discovered the Author of , David Yochim . He has similar thoughts on the subject of our health being largely influenced by our habits and our responsibility to ourselves and those around us to be the best that we can be.

As I made the turn around at my Goal and began my Journey home, I knew that I would approach re-entry. This is a dangerous time. This is the time when the heat from the friction of the speed that you’re traveling will burn you alive. Your space craft will disintegrate upon re-entry if something goes wrong. It’s mandatory to focus on the task at hand and get everything perfect, or it’s all over. It was all for nothing should this occur, because a lot of the research that you performed at your destination will be lost if you burn up. I have come close to annihilation, believe me. I fly high. I run with the Big Dogs. I don’t like the porch one damn bit. I am a power lifter and right now, because of not giving my craft complete focus, I’m stalling, but… I have a friend, a Mentor, a voice of reason who shows me the way. I will do as he says and I will come back stronger. I am the pilot of my craft. I will correct my course. No matter what this great man tells me, it is I who must calibrate the instruments and correct my course and hold tight in that seat, knowing, actively waiting, for the time and place when my body screams, “YES!” we made it!, We broke through!” no burn up here… and I lift heavier, and it hurts so good.

Upon re-entry it is my responsibility to share what I have learned. Years ago, the primary ingredient in many skin care products, including some sunscreens, was discovered by scientists using data acquired in space. If that data had not survived, there would definitely be more skin cancer today. I am not making these Journeys strictly for my own benefit. I am a science geek and a people person and I hope to help others along the way. In my association with David, I have learned that nothing comes easy. I mean. I mean… Have you seen his work outs? Have you read his stories? It’s all true. I have had a somewhat easy life in some ways, comparatively speaking, on a worldwide basis. I had to learn to dig deep. I thought that I knew how. I didn’t, but the iron has been a thorough taskmaster. It never lies, you know… (Henry Rollins) It will always call me upward. It will always cause me to up my game. I cannot allow personal conflict and dysfunction in my life because the iron will test that. It will know. When I face it, it will sit stubbornly until I unload the trash out of my mind and commit 100% to it. It is jealous for my soul. I am jealous for it. We have a thing.

C’mon, get out of your comfort zone. Hitch a ride on a rocket, don’t look back and RISE! ;-*

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