There is something inherently wrong with almost all of us. I guess it’s wrong, maybe not, you know, inertia and all that- “a body at rest…”, but either way, it messes us up, big time.  We want easy.


If we are determined to do easy, we will always take the path of least resistance.  Quite often that path leads us into victimization by control freaks.  They look for and recognize this weakness in others and capitalize on it.  When an abuser realizes that we are bent this way, they will make every other pathway nearly impossible to follow so that we just amble along down their road to our own destruction.  They will make activities away from them an ordeal whether it’s a family get together, a church event or a concert with friends.  It doesn’t matter.  They will make it hard so that the only easy way is to do their bidding.


Something happens when we begin to seriously strength train.  We quickly realize that easy is not an option in this arena.  If we want easy we have chosen the wrong venue.  Every session we are literally stretched to our limit.  From the beginning of the workout to the moment that we recover from the last rep, easy does not exist.  As we approach the bar, our mind is engaged in a warfare that we must win.  Failure can be fatal.  Usually it’s not, but it can be.  At the least, failure can cause injury and that must be avoided in order to continue with our passion.  So, we must approach the bar with ultimate respect, a clear mind, rested, well-fed and hopefully, calm.  The iron knows our hearts.  Really.  It is a constant (Henry Rollins presented this idea years ago) .  The concept is valid.  The iron will measure us.  It will know if we ate sugar.  It will know if we haven’t slept.  It will know if we are emotionally devastated.  It is our measure of #radicalselfcare.  Don’t even try to deceive it.  You will suffer.  Mind you, you can do everything right and still get an injury but bearing this in mind, how much more do we need to practice #radicalselfcare if we’re submitting to the bar?  I’ve seen rowdy types approach that shrine after they’ve been carousing all night the night before and OMG, it’s pathetic.


The iron does not allow easy so as we begin to hone our love of hard, the passion will carry over into the rest of our lives.  Co-worker becoming obnoxious? You will quietly rectify the situation in a way that makes them squirm so hard that they leave the area when you’re around.  Kids disrespectful?  You will abandon unnecessary tasks to the point that they will beg you to just hang out.  Domestic partner verbally abusive? OMG.  Don’t even try.  You will leave.  No matter that you aren’t financially secure.  You have no fear.  You know that you’re strong.  You know that you can do anything because the iron never fucking lies (Henry Rollins) and it tells you three times a week that you are a goddess (god). Twinkies calling your name?  Seriously? Hell no.  The iron will uncover that discrepancy.  Learning to love hard makes accountability our rudder.  Our eating habits automatically improve if we are serious at the bar.


My Trainer has never done easy and I want to be him when I grow up.  He lives life with finesse and strength even in the most difficult times and circumstances.  Oh God, let the iron make me that strong.  I will rule and reign in my world bowing my knee only to Jesus Christ and my body to the iron, the thorn He has sent to strengthen me.


Learn to love hard and RISE! ;-*

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