One way to know when we are in an abusive relationship is when we have no friends. It’s not normal. Regardless of our social preferences, it’s not normal to have no friends. As soon as I began to get out of the house, working for Weight Watchers, I noticed that people liked me! Wow. We have been conditioned to believe that we are not likeable, that there’s something wrong with us, that we just don’t fit in. As soon as we make our debut into the real world we find out that some people like us a lot! We also discover that, guess what, there’s something wrong with everybody and in order to fit in, we just have to make our spot. Everybody does. There’s no magic hedge trimmer that just smooths the rough edges and allows us to blend in. Oh no, it turns out that our rough edges are the finer points of our personalities and those characteristics are the very ones that will attract our closest, most loving friends into our lives. They are attracted by things that put others off, our strengths, our weaknesses, our way of thinking, our methods of self-expression…all these things combine to create an individual who will attract others into our lives whose rough edges fit into ours like a jigsaw puzzle.

These people are worth the wait. Don’t be deceived by reasonable facsimiles. They will not love you. They will not think in your best interest. They will not thrill your soul.

When you stumble upon these fascinating souls, you will linger there. You will think about those people. You will begin to think about things you can do together. You will desire to hear their voice and spend time with them. You will know that you are better because they exist. There will be a reciprocation of feelings, a heart exchange of portions of your spirits. These spiritual band-aids will help you heal. They will cover your wounds while new life takes hold in these broken places and one day you will rip that bandage off and everything is well underneath. These people have given you pieces of themselves, an ointment of healing, a balm of Gilead straight from the heart of God.

Please, if you hear one thing that I say, hear this. Get out. Find these loving souls because truth be known, they need you as much as you need them. Nobody is an island. Stretch your heart. Make room. Yes, sometimes it hurts to stretch and especially to allow others to wander around inside our very hearts but honestly, life is not complete without this experience. We are not complete alone no matter how tough we are #amazonwarrior . The Amazons also need love. Reach out. Walk out. Press through. Look upward and RISE ! ;-*

7 thoughts on “FRIENDS

  1. Beautiful, Brenda! Glad you were able to rise above it all and perk over the top and that I was blessed to meet you. You keep rising! You are doing great!


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